Friday, November 21, 2008

This morning I woke up very early. Around 3.30 am I am already awake. Tried to sleep but around 5 am I woke up again.

I said to myself might as well I bangun I did. What happened next was amazing.

I have been “malas” nak mengemas my room for almost a month now. Semua barang tolak tepi simpan dalam bakul besar and kotak but today this morning amazingly I managed to sort all the stuffs, put them in the rite places….

Siap boleh sort mana nak bawak opis…kain baju…sort cd punya covers….sapu lantai…basuh blankets..

All becoz I am excited to go to Sarikei, Sarwak today.

Kemas till 9.30 am. Planned to drop by at the office but dah pukul 10 am masih @ home. So I called my staff, Zabedah and we met at Bangi’s Toll where I handed over some documents for the office.

My younger bro was with me as someone needs to drive my car back home. I’ve never been to LCCT before. Gosh it was far from the KLIA Toll. I was kelam kabut as the 11 am was rapidly approaching.

Called Hisham but we did not talked long coz he was is some kind of “masalah”. He said he will call back.

So managed to get at the Departure Hall @ LCCT on time. Checked in. While waiting for Hisham to call me, I called Iman and we chatted for awhile.

Then Hisham called. He said he needs to go back to Kelantan. And I said “ What?”....two of his team members tak bawak surat beranak so they are not allowed to board the plane. So Hisham being the coach, needs to go back to Kelantan and get the Surat Beranak for the two budak bawah 12 tahun.

I am there all alone boarding the plane headning to a place that I have never been to before. Luckily, Hisham gave me his Assistant Coach number so I contacted En Min. Me and the other team members went to Sarikei from Sibu Airport and checked into this cheap but not so bad hotel.

The nite went masing - maisng belum rapat with each actually belum rapat dengan semua orang

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