Saturday, January 24, 2009

My trip to Johor Bharu.....Traveling Day

Thursday I woke up very early with the spirit that I wanna kemas my bilik and pack my stuffs before I leave to Johor Bharu. Original plan is to bring along my stuffs to office and then head to KLIA from office itself. I woke up and when the TV was on, the time flied so fast. I slept on the couch and woke up and to my suprise the clock was showing almost 6.30 in the morning. OMG! I hurried myself to kemas my bedroom. Finished and managed to get ready to go to the office at 7.15 am. But I couldnt find time to pack my stuffs to JB.

Office was a s usual but lesser interruptions as Tn Hj Hussin was away at Melaka coz VP was visiting AM Melaka new office. So I can breath a lil bit more space.

When things started to pick up its usual hectic non stop working pace, I was terlupa of the time. I only managed to go out from the office at around 2.15 pm. Reached home around 2.40 pm. Had lunch and then rest kejap. Then tengok jam dah pukul 3 pm and haiyaa karamba! Its getting late...I havent pack my stuffs. So in panic mode I was grabbing shirts, shorts, jeans, pant, work shirt, underwear, etc......however the usual me managed to get the best of me in the very pressing time. I was contemplating whether the green shirt is better than the pink shirt. Decided on the green. Green to match my all green assembles of bags...but when I could not find my green duffle bag....things got even kelam kabut. I now must choose between blue, pink or red. So which one?

The red and pink shirts were going back and forth in my executive decision making. Finally the red bed shirt won of this so call royal rumble of which will be the color for me for this trip. I quickly went up to my room and get my red travel bag. Throwed the blue shirt, shorts, underwear, pant, etc into that bag and made my move to the car. Started the car. Abah and emak got in and we drove to LRT Tasik Selatan.

That was a wrong move to make. Reached the counter at 3.50 pm and when asked, the ticket counter officer told me that I have missed the last train thus I have to wait for the next train which will be arriving at 4.10 pm. It will take 24 minutes to reach KLIA. I will miss the one hour before departure rule, then the I pushed the pabnic button. Started to call my sisters - Wan Zuraidah and Noreen. All numbers given tried and nothing can be done as I need to there at least 45 minutes before departure.

Once I reached KLIA...I was pulling my bed and literally walking as fast as I could. If I could run, I will, but kena lah jaga my reputation kan?

Managed to get into the line to check in. Then MAS announced : This is the last call for MH 1057. passenger for this flight which is still queing, kindly come to counter B18. I jumped over to counter B18. Checked in. Alhamdullilah, I am in. Hahahahhahahahhaa.....what a relief....

Then ran to the departure gate while smsing to all people that I managed to check in.

Smsed Hisyam and asked him whether he wants anything from Johor Bharu. He replied and said "Nothing.Thank you". Then smsed two of my "bestest" sisters : Wan Zuraidah and Noreen. Telling them I managed to checked in. Then called Kak Noreen, had short chat. Basiaccly about her life working outside in Shell.

Boarded the plane and my seat was 27C. Last row of seats in the plane.

Then once the flight got off I sat at another empty seat. 18C.

Landed at Senai around 6.20 pm... Took the airport cab to the hotel..New York hotel...not a bad place...for RM 140...

unpacked my bags...when I said bags...literally bags....that ig red bag for clothes and another for my kerja - kerja that I brought with me to JB.

Then had my bath.....good one...was planning to go to Plaza Pelangi..from the hotel window it looks so near ///as i started to walked to the legs are weakening,,,...hahahha penatlah tu

so patah balik jer lah

found a kedai makan melayu...callled Mierul coz dia orang JB tanya mana nak makan..dia dok ckp as if i have a car...then called my office collegeue in JB...she told e to get to Plaza Pelangi..but I am so tired...then called Hisyam. Suprisingly, he stayed at the same hotel before. Chatted for awhile...he even remembered the places surrounding the hotel as if he stayed here.

Then I was online for awhile.

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